Electronic Document Archiving

Save space, save trees, save time – save money – All good reasons to consider electronic archiving of your historical documents. Let Honolulu Copy, Hawaii’s leader in multi-original copying and scanning, show how electronic document archiving can help your bottom line.

With the cost of office space in Hawaii, why are you storing years worth of paper documents in bankers boxes and filing cabinets? What is your cost in manpower to retrieve archived information? If you wanted to find an original invoice from April 3, 1995 could you find it, and how long would it take? What if finding copies of your original documents was as easy as performing a Google search?

Electronic document archiving has come of age. While archiving systems and services have been around for years, Honolulu Copy is able to take advantage of our skills in complex multi-original document handling to provide archiving services to all Hawaii businesses for less than what you might think.

Not limited to the legal profession, any business can eliminate boxes of old documents via digital archiving.  Utilizing the same technology and skill set used in multi-original litigation work, Honolulu Copy provides archiving services at an affordable price.

  • Save space and on-going physical storage costs.
  • Improve document retrieval time by searching for documents by keywords. “Google” your archives instead of searching through filing cabinets – no such thing as a mis-filed or lost document!
  • Increase access to your documents with improved security and preservation.

E-discovery is also a useful tool in electronic document archiving. For instance, Honolulu Copy can take a former employee’s Outlook PST (mail store), and convert all e-mail messages and their corresponding attachments into easily stored and searchable Adobe Acrobat PDF files. No special database is necessary.

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