Electronic Document Discovery (E-discovery)

The digital office is a reality. In the near past, the legal discovery process was one based on searching through mountains of paper. Today, law firms need to be able to sift through hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and Outlook mailboxes. As Hawaii’s leading litigation document processing company, Honolulu Copy can handle your e-discovery needs right here in Hawaii.

Electronic Document Discovery (also known as “e-discovery” or “ediscovery”) is where computer data files are extracted, copied, searched and produced for use in a legal case. In contrast, traditional document discovery utilizes the same processes, but is one where the originals documents start off as physical paper.

Honolulu Copy can take a hard drive, or other electronic media, and produce the content into a consistent, searchable and organized output. Why do this? As you know a computers contain a wide mix of different file types: Outlook e-mail files with attachments, CAD drawings, Excel spreadsheets, Jpeg pictures, WordPerfect files, Word documents, etc. Using E-discovery, Honolulu Copy can convert these mixed files into a single file format such as Adobe Acrobat PDF files or TIFF files. From there, Honolulu Copy can apply other services such as electronic bates stamps, convert the files via optical character recognition (OCR) to make them searchable, and produce the output in a CD, DVD or print out. If your firm uses Summation, Concordance or IPRO, Honolulu Copy can produce files that you can use.  We’ll work with your firm’s IT resource to ensure our output meets your case and infrastructure needs.

E-discovery is also a useful tool in electronic document archiving. For instance, Honolulu Copy can take a former employee’s Outlook PST (mail store), and convert all e-mail messages and their corresponding attachments into easily stored and searchable Adobe Acrobat PDF files. No special database is necessary.

Honolulu Copy can take your hard drive, or other digital source, and create numerous digital output options. TIFF, OCR, searchable PDF, electronic bates numbering and blowbacks (hard copy print out of e-discovery files) are all possible.

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