Photo Scanning Service in Hawaii

Do you have old photos and albums? Of course you do…

Every family has collections of priceless photographs, videotapes and paper documents. Over time, these collections become fragile and less accessible. Honolulu Copy can help you convert these cherished memories into digital formats.

Honolulu Copy can scan loose photos, whole albums, scrap books, 35mm slides and negatives. We can also transfer VHS and MiniDV tapes into digital files for easy viewing. All work is done right here in Hawaii so no need to ship off your precious items off island. See some samples scans.

Images of photos albums, photographs,, dvds, videotapes, and mini dv tapes that can be
We can scan albums, scrapbooks, loose photos, slides and negatives.

Why digitize? Preserve and Downsize

  • Preserve priceless memories. Photographs, scrapbooks, and videotapes degrade over time – digital files won’t.
  • Physical photo albums can’t be “split” between family members, but digital memories are easy to share.
  • Free up space, de-clutter, and downsize. A shelf full of photo albums can fit on a single thumb drive.
  • Priceless videos are often “locked” in tapes that can no longer be viewed. Convert them to a digital format that can be played anywhere.
  • Clear filing cabinets and boxes of important documents. Digital documents are text searchable making it easier to find things.

Why Honolulu Copy?

  • Honolulu Copy has been servicing Hawaii’s legal community in document scanning since 2010. We are able to leverage that same expertise for archiving precious family memories into digital formats.
  • Your materials will not leave Hawaii. There are other companies who provide this type of service, but most require you to ship your materials off island.
  • Personalized and professional service. We’re not trying to become the biggest, we just want to be the best.

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