Litigation Document Specialists

A law firm’s greatest non-human assets are its documents. And Hawaii’s largest law firms trust Honolulu Copy with printing, copying, scanning and digital archiving these valuable assets in a secure and confidential environment.

We are litigation document specialists, we understand the needs of the legal industry, whether you’re talking about briefs, trial prep, pleadings or bates numbering, we get it.

Many of Hawaii’s top law firms have come to rely on Honolulu Copy for producing their legal documents. Experts in multi-original document handling, Honolulu Copy can take on your most complex jobs – whether it be copying, scanning, bates numbering – and produce high quality legal documents.

  • Creation of complex document briefs for court filings.
  • Blowback printing from digital files.
  • Large format scanning of blueprints.
  • Manual bates stamps of paper documents.
  • Scan to PDF or TIFF
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to make documents searchable.
  • Electronic Bates stamp digital documents.
  • Summation, Concordance, IPRO compatible output.

All copy shops are not the same. Litigation copying & scanning, or litigation duplicating services, differs from standard copying and printing services in the complexity of the original documents. Where big box copy shops are good at taking one original and making thousands of copies, Honolulu Copy takes thousands of originals to produce just a few copies.

With our roots in the Hawaii’s legal community, we understand the unique needs of the legal profession. Count on Honolulu Copy to create high quality copies and scans of your documents, all while preserving the integrity of your originals. Fast, accurate, and confidential.

Contact or call Honolulu Copy, (808) 944-3037 for your legal document needs in Hawaii.

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